body english


"Hook a brutha up" is pretty much the Body English ethos - its all about helpin out ya fellow bruthas and sistas. Since 2006 we been giving away t shirts worldwide and at the annual relax up jam and generally hookin up da masses. But now we are going to finally start selling t shirts!!!Yes its time !!But unlike most companies (as ususal ha) WE ONLY gonna use 100% organic cotton and carbon neutral t shirts!!! Made in an ethical factory that looks after is workers and is totally run on solar and wind power. And fact of the day -  to make ONE t shirt can require up to 10,000 litres of water! Ours are made in a factory that collects all its necessary water from the monsoon rains every year! smart eh.. we are also doin a hemp range as well as upcycling clothes.Its all about roots and permaculture and its up tp everyone to genuinely get on the sustainable tip.